My Name is Lynda

I am a mum, wife, friend and a career focused strong woman. Dusty Daisy Tailored Wedding Stationery was born through my passion for high quality personalised stationery and vegan friendly fragrances and products.

My desire to make quality stationery began when I was unable to find suitable invitations, firstly for my own wedding, greeting cards, and thank you cards, then a few years later, for my children's birthday parties. As I've had a passion for art & design since my high school days, I decided to start making my own stationery. In my spare time I would be designing and creating cards and stationery for friends & family, which I found so therapeutic, satisfying and rewarding with the feedback I was given.​

When I married and had my family, I was fortunate to be a stay at home mum and along with juggling family life, I was still able to continue with making personalised stationery.​

Through word of mouth, I became so busy that I decided to turn my hobby into a business and have never looked back. I am so lucky to be doing what I love and have the opportunity to be working with so many amazing people.​

Since founding Dusty Daisy my learning never stops, which inspires me to pass on my knowledge and enthusiasm to both the Dusty Daisy team and our customers.

From all of us here at Dusty Daisy we look forward to growing our relationship with you.

Your wedding day is so special and every part of it should create a lasting memory. 

We would love to work with you and be part of your special day.

Our customers' are at the heart of our creations

Dusty Daisy develop and manufacture premium, high quality Wedding  Invitations & Wedding Stationery and Fragrance sprays & Diffusers. Each product is hand-made in Scotland using only the finest all-natural ingredients.


Without comprising our passion towards delivering a luxury brand, we have a rigid green policy that promotes the protection of natural resources and sustainable development, and commits to reducing negative impact on the planet. The power of nature is inspirational and we constantly strive to maintain the fine balance between cutting-edge technology and nature.

All the Dusty Daisy fragrance recipes supplied for our card sprays, Favours and Gifts use natural, organic and vegan friendly ingredients. Quality is extremely important to us, and we hope you will enjoy the many wonderful fragrances that we have on offer.

  • All our fragrance, oils and lotions products are bio-degradable, non-toxic, non carcinogenic. and cruelty free.

  • All our products are free from harmful chemical and dyes including Petroleum by- products, Liquid paraffin or petroleum jelly and animal products or derivatives.

  • All our ingredients are natural and/or organic. We regard environment responsibility and sustainability as the most important criteria when pre-selecting raw materials.

  • We are committed to supporting ethical fair trade.

Our Core Values...


Our level of customer care is second to none.


We will strive to exceed all of our customers’ expectations through  attention to detail,  passion, quality  products and delivery.


We have very strong values when it comes to the purity of quality ingredients that goes in to each  product and ensure maximum benefit to our  customers at an affordable price.

Integrity, transparency and reliability is at the forefront of our  vision and we  empower growth & learning, which keeps us both focused and ambitious.

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