Wedding Favours & Gifts

A day to it should be....


A unique experience with the use of hand made fragrances that bring a scent of flavour of  the local landscape or lasting memory associated to your special day.


Why not spray your invitations, table linen or have diffusers placed on your tables. For added luxury as a favour and thank you gift to each of your guests.

Allow your scented fragrance to create the perfect atmosphere on your day and lead to a path of wellness.

Here at Dusty Daisy our mission is to produce vegan friendly, non-toxic, bio-degradable, luxury scented fragrances and diffusers for every mood and occasion at an affordable price, that will not only meet the needs of our customers but intrigue our customers as well.


We take much time to ensure accurate measuring across each of our product ranges, in order to get the maximum fragrance from every product every time.


Our customers’ are at the heart of our creations.


All Dusty Daisy recipes use natural, organic and vegan friendly ingredients. Quality is extremely important to us, and we hope you will enjoy the many wonderful fragrances that we have on offer.

  • All our products are bio-degradable, non-toxic, non carcinogenic. and cruelty free.

  • All our products are free from harmful chemical and dyes including Petroleum by- products, Liquid paraffin or petroleum jelly and animal products or derivatives.

  • All our ingredients are natural and/or organic. We regard environment responsibility and sustainability as the most important criteria when pre-selecting raw materials.

  • We are committed to supporting ethical fair trade.

Dusty Daisy develop and manufacture premium, high quality fragrances and diffusers. Each product is hand-made in Scotland using only the finest all-natural ingredients.


Without comprising our passion towards delivering a luxury brand, we have a rigid green policy that promotes the protection of natural resources and sustainable development, and commits to reducing negative impact on the planet. The power of nature is inspirational and we constantly strive to maintain the fine balance between cutting-edge technology and nature.

Allow your fragrance - to create the perfect atmosphere to your day and lead to a path of wellness.

Did you know.....


Scent is the sense closely linked to memory. Studies have shown that people can remember a scent with 65% accuracy after 1 year, while visual memory drops to 50% after only a few months.  


The smells we experience play a crucial role in how we associate with our memories and the places we have visited.


Have you ever come across a smell of something that instantly takes you back to an old memory? Whether it reminds you of your mother’s cooking or a childhood trip to the ocean.


A distinctive scent sinks into your brain and stays there.


Smell is the most powerful trigger of memory.... way stronger than sight or sound.


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